Performers: Anonymous

Composer: Unknown

Songs: The Morning Dew / Cooley’s Reel / The Wise Maid

Celtic music is a significant genre for the violin, dating back hundreds of years. It is often marked by upbeat tunes in major keys with lots of fast notes. Celtic music originates from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This is not an uncommon scene in certain parts of Ireland.

Performer: Máiréad Nesbitt + Celtic Woman

Composer: Unknown

Song: Granuaile’s Dance

Outside of Ireland, this is how celtic music is often presented for us: Showy, fun, and, of course, with lots of dancing 🙂 Enjoy!

Performers: Unknown

Composer: Unknown

Song: Fill a Bhruinneal

A bonus video for this week! Here is a more deeply traditional take on celtic music. For more, check out the channel’s other videos.

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