Soloist: Jascha Heifetz

Composer: GrigoraƟ Dinicu

Piece: Hora Stacatto

Jascha Heifetz (Ya-sha Hi-fitz, 1901-1987) is one of the legendary virtuoso violinists of the early 20th century. Here he shows off his mastery of a bowing technique called ‘flying stacatto’. Most violinists can barely do it going up the bow, but he can do it in any direction and any part of the bow!

Soloist: Jascha Heifetz

Composer: Camille Saint-saens

Piece: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso

The Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by French composer Camille Saint-Saens is one of the standards in virtuoso violin repertoire. That last high note Heifetz plays isn’t even over the fingerboard!

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